New Hope Community Church

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We are a group of genuine, authentic people striving to know Jesus better and wrestling with the issues of life. We are a diverse group in many ways – we come from a variety of backgrounds and ages.  Some of us have had a relationship with God for many years, some of us are new to the faith, and some of us are still uncertain of what we believe.

Weekly schedule worship

Sundays, 10:00 am

Sunday worship begins at 10:00 am. Services typically last about 1 hour. The first 25 minutes or so typically consist or worship and a time of prayer. The next 30 minutes are a Bible based message that is relevant to life today. After the service, coffee and light refreshments are served. We do take an offering every week, but this is only intended for those who are regular attendees. We do not expect or even ask visitors and newcomers to give.


N. Das Rendla was born in a Hindu family and accepted Jesus Christ as his personal savior during his college studies through campus ministry in 1998.  He worked as a Software Engineer in India for 8 years and left the job to be in the service of God.
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Come as you are

We aim for our church to be a place where all people, regardless of their issues, backgrounds, or problems, can come and experience the love of Christ, Biblical hospitality, Biblical teaching, and be transformed through the Gospel and the Scriptures.